Golf Course Tour

Hole by hole guide.
Hole 1
This is a tough opening hole and the longest hole on the course. A birdie is difficult, with a very difficult green. A bump and run approach will give the shortest possible birdie putt.
Hole 4
A genuine par 5 where you must keep the ball in the fairway. Longer hitters will attempt to reach the green in two but the bunkers will catch the wayward shots.
Hole 7
A picturesque par 3 where club selection is paramount. If you do not land on the green with your tee shot, your short game will be tested here.
Hole 10
No need for length off the tee on this hole but watch the slightly raised green to catch your approach shot. A real birdie chance!
Hole 13
A strong par 4 that dogleg's to the left and with water on the left hand side as well, it will need to be kept away from. The green has several levels and you will need to be on the right level to make a par on this hole.
Hole 16
A hazard and bunkers on the right side catches any wayward tee shots. This green has a distinct tier in it so putting will be difficult if you are on the wrong level.
Hole 2
All the trouble on this par 3 is on the right side. A safer approach is from the left side this will offer an easier chip and putt.
Hole 5
This short hole looks easy but has a difficult element in the greens slope. Undulations and slopes make's this approaching this green difficult.
Hole 8
The signature hole on the course with the green design in line with the "road hole" at the famous St Andrews. The water on the right is very intimidating and should be steered away from.
Hole 11
All the trouble on this par 3 is short, with the green elevated at the front. A shot falling short will test anyone's short game. The wind will also be a deciding factor in club selection.
Hole 14
The wind on this par 5 will determine how difficult this hole plays. Beware of the blind fairway bunkers near the green. A real birdie chance!
Hole 17
The toughest par 3 on the course and in certain wind conditions may need your strongest drive. An area short left may give you an easier chip and putt. A par here and you will have hit 3 good shots.
Hole 3
A long par 4 with a difficult approach and a par on this hole will be harder than it looks and well earned.
Hole 6
Another short hole with the water starting to come in to play on the left side of the fairway. Once in the fairway a deceptive approach shot makes for a well-earned par.
Hole 9
A long par 4 with bunkers and mounds guarding wayward tee shots both left and right. A green with a large area on the left side to play to for safety.
Hole 12
Try to stay out of the bunkers on this hole, as there are 10 in total. A short par 4 but you will need to be on the fairway to par this hole.
Hole 15
A fairway that looks inviting to a big drive, but needs to be kept in the fairway to get the best approach into a narrow but long green.
Hole 18
A par 5 where the more aggressive player may reach it in two shots and set up a birdie. Avoid the bunkers off the tee & also near the green & you will be in a good position to par this finishing hole.